NU Image Medical HCG- Your Purest form of Prescription HCG Drop

You might probably know what hCG (human Chorionic Gonadotropin), the “pregnancy hormone” can offer you (both for the male and females). Otherwise, here is what it does for an average individual.

The hormone secreted in the brain stimulated the conversion of stored energy fats and muscles to provide the body with energy and nourishment for the fetus, if pregnant.  This occurs mostly when your brain informs the body of a starvation/malnourishment mode. The immediate energy source becomes your daily diet calories and stored fats.

Now you would want to begin your weight loss journey by just taking HCG Drops to get a sufficient amount of hCG into your bloodstream, hoping to burn those stubborn fat deposits, all by yourself.

What you might need to understand is that there is more that goes into getting placed on an HCG diet drop than meets the eyes. Here’s a quick list of things you should keep in mind while on this thought:

  • HCG drop for weight loss works, but a wrong usage plan with the wrong product will cost your time and money. When used correctly, you can lose up to one pound per day on a daily diet.
  • HCG drops exist in different types: Homeopathic and Prescriptive HCG drops. Interestingly, they both work at different rates.
  • HCG products come in different forms (oral pellets, injections, and drops).
  • You can get a physician’s prescription or not. Some products can mislead you on this. But please do get in touch with a licensed physician.
  • You don’t have to do it all alone as a beginner. NU Image medical has registered and dedicated physicians who are just a phone app away from you (teleconsultation). Together, you can lose that 15/50/300 or more pounds faster in a safe mode.
  • Lastly, there are lots of counterfeit HCG drops in the market vying for your attention.

Whew! I get that was a lot, but they are truths we want you to know, so you don’t fall behind on your pace to get that weight loss.

Criteria for our search on the ideal Prescriptive HCG Drop

To meet all the aforementioned ‘need to knows’ squarely, we  did our reserve on HCG products that met those needs besides the following criteria:

  • Quality: Healthy, effective and fast-paced weight loss.
  • Flexibility in forms of administration.
  • Authentic support via HCG diet guideline protocols.
  • Minimum of 100% discount.
  • Unlimited access to medical consultants conversant with the HCG drop via phone, email, or chat.
  • Licensed as a US pharmacy and manufactured in an FDA licensed pharmaceutical laboratory. Buying from a non-US pharmacy leaves you at the risk of getting HCG drop with little to no hCG content. The worst-case scenario would be to purchase over-the-counter HCG that is ineffective as a dietary aide or contain inferior ingredients that could be deleterious to your health.

We found several HCG diet drops signed to different brands but most fell out of line on these criteria, living just one. A prescriptive HCG product manufactured by a reputed 15-year company, Nu Image Medical HCG.

Nu Image Medical HCG

HCG drop, backed by an FDA approved pharmaceutical company established in 2004 at Tampa, Florida, USA. NU Image Medical is an anti-aging, wellness and weight loss telehealth provider.

NU Image Medical specializes in medical HCG diets, hormone replacement therapy, sexual enhancement, general wellbeing, and anti-aging programs. Being an innovative medical organization, they offer more than just four-walled consultations. They offer virtual medical services and products administered through their telemedicine platform.

NU Image Medical centers on the superior quality of prescriptive HCG medications and supplements at a convenient pace. Thus, saving you the cost and time of visiting a physician’s location at a distance from you. Also in providing practical approaches, their products and services are vied by certified physicians under the Academy of Preventive and Innovative Medicine.

Form of HCG Drop offered

Nu image medical HCG is a prescriptive form of HCG drop for weight loss. This form of HCG is a highly concentrated and pure formula. They mix it with a solvent for better administration at the utmost purity level. This sensitive but highly effective form is one that must come with a physician’s prescription to prevent an overdose of the product.

What does Nu Image Medical offer

  • A purchase the purest form of affordable HCG drops. They also offer other forms of HCG such as injections and oral pellets. But we are going for the most convenient means for you.
  • All needed work is done, leaving you with the choice on the duration for diet plan and form of administration.
  • Nu Image Medical HCG drop comes in two diet programs, both offering a minimum weight loss of 5 pounds and more, at different costs.
  • Quality medical assistance by their staff on their prescriptive HCG.
  • Free and complete setup on the NU Image prescriptive HCG weight loss program.

How NU Image Medical HCG works

At NU image medical, the physicians work with the discovery of Dr. Albert T. W. Simeons, on the impact of hCG on weight loss. Thus, the Nu Image Medical HCG drop targets the abnormal fat deposits of the three main types of body fat (structural, normal and abnormal).

These fats are deposits found in unwanted areas of your body such as the waist, abdomen, back, arms and thighs. They are locked up by the body for no major purpose, not even for mechanical support for organs and bones, or nutritional emergencies.

Nu Image Medical HCG drop in conjunction with its diet program, helps you lose those fatty deposits in the right places. This will occur in such a way that a pound lost will look much more than just a pound.

NU Medical HCG diet plan packages

They integrate the diet plan packages of the NU Image Medical prescription HCG program with your HCG drop order and purchase. The programs each last 26 days or 46 days, depending on what your target weight loss is. If uncertain about this, you can consult a medical staff on this.

With the 26-day program, you can lose between 5 to 15 pounds, and more than 15 pounds with the 46-day program. If you want to lose more, do ensure you notify your medical consultant on this.

On completion pf your weight loss program, you will be placed on a 4-week maintenance program. During this period, the medical consultant will work with you to ensure a good reset of your metabolism, hypothalamus and hCG production. This is to curb any unguided dieting for long-lasting effects.

Thus, a summary of the Nu Image Medical HCG diet program includes:

  • The original Dr. Simeon diet protocol guideline
  • Complete supervision by a certified physician
  • Free guidelines, Ebooks, and recipes
  • Clear target on abnormal fat and not muscles.

How to administer NU Image Medical HCG Drop

The administration procedure of Nu Image medical HCG drop is a quick and easy one, that can be done from your comfort zone.

This process comes in two stages, the administrative process with the medical consultants and then the preparation of the mixture for regular use.

Medical evaluation with consultants

Here are the guidelines to follow:

  • Firstly, choose a diet program (26-day plan or 46-day plan). Your needed weight loss will back this as discussed with a physician. The order form is given shows this choice. They then give directions to you to fill a medical evaluation form on the site.
  • On the submission of your medical evaluation form online, they connect you to a physician via phone or video consultation.
  • Your medical evaluation gets reviewed, after which you will get a call. This will just be on your medical needs, after which your order gets processed by the pharmacy.

Directions on Nu Image medical HCG drop mixture

Unlike homeopathic HCG drops, the prescription drops come in an unprepared mix. To consume the appropriate amount of hormone needed for your body, there’s a need to prepare the mix.

Here’s how.

Kit: 10ml syringe, 10ml bottle of Sublingual Cyanocobalamin, and a clear vial containing the HCG.

  • Using the 10ml syringe, withdraw 10ml of Sublingual Cyanocobalamin from its bottle.
  • Inject the fluid into the clear vial and swirl around gently.
  • Extract the dissolved HCG from the vial and inject it into the Sublingual Cyanocobalamin bottle.
  • Using the stopper on the Sublingual Cyanocobalamin bottle, place 0.5ml of the HCG drop under your tongue for about 3 minutes.
  • Ensure you keep the leftover mixture refrigerated for later use.

Cost of Nu Image medical HCG drop

Nu Image Medical offers a price match guarantee on their HCG drop product and diet program. This tells on their confidence in their product and its effectiveness of their diet programs.

With the cost of the 26-day program offered for $297 and the 46-day program offered at $397, you get a discount at displayed on their official site. At present, there is a 30% discount off your registered diet program, using their discount code.

Now go get those weight loss dream of yours fulfilled!