Complex Diet Drops: Your Ideal Bet at Dropping Stubborn Fats

Have you stubborn and annoying fat? Unplanned lean muscles? Tired of ineffective heavy gym routines? Hate pills? You aren’t alone on all these.

There’s nothing as challenging and heart-shattering as one who burns out at the gym regularly, all in a bid to get rid of persistent fats in unwanted areas. Then there is another who eventually succeeds at this but ends up losing more than they bargained for. By this, we meant getting lean muscles in the process of attempting to burn that fat out.

You might find this ridiculous, but we have to let you know a fact. It is that our health and the factors that predispose us to weight gain have gone beyond just embarking on a restrictive diet plan and gyming our butt out. Science has revealed that our hormones (endocrine system), has gotten a large role to play in these target of ours. So the next time you hear about weight loss you should think beyond dependency on workout alone.

It is to this effect that a scientist, Dr. Albert T. W. Simeon discovered the role of the hormone, hCG (human Chorionic Gonadotropin) in weight loss. Based on this, HCG diet drops such as Complex Diet Drop were formulated.

Let’s get more on this what this formula is about.

What is the hCG and HCG diet drops?

hCG (human Chorionic Gonadotropin), is a hormone secreted in high proportions during a pregnancy period of a woman. It functions to burn stored up fatty cells into energy and nutrients for the fetus. This role is deployed to be of effect for the average obese individual when taken in the right measures. It is made available in injects, pharmaceutical pills and oral drops.

HCG diet drops are formulated based on the ability of administered quantities of natural ingredients and hCG, to cause gradual weight loss when co-administered with a diet plan (most recommended is the weight loss protocol outlined by the founding scientist).

HCG diet drops come in two forms, Prescriptive and Homeopathic HCG drops.

Prescriptive HCG drops are the name implies is required to be administered based on the recommendations of a physician. It comes in concentrated forms and an overdose is possible when administered in its concentrated form. It is mostly available in forms of injects.

While the Homeopathic HCG drops are obtained in diluted forms already prepared. Compared to the prescriptive drops, its potency is not in its concentration but the consistent administration of the drops in regular small quantities (hence the name). Interestingly this form of HCG drop leaves no adverse effects.

Complex Diet Drop is a homeopathic HCG drop, that contained natural herbs that stimulate the production of HCG hormones, reducing your craving for food, protects your muscles during a fat breakdown.

What are Complex Diet Drop unique dispositions?

BioSource, the brand behind Complex Diet Drops is reputed for developing medically safe and FDA approved supplements. Complex Diet Drop contains 100 percent herbal ingredients with potent functions and long-lasting effects. These constituents enable the regulation of hormone products, hunger and act as buffers in preventing the breakdown of your lean muscles.

Furthermore, Complex Diet Drops when purchased, comes with a detailed diet protocol guideline and exclusive membership access to helpful diet tools. This guideline in conjunction with Complex Diet Drops maximizes results.

Finally, Complex Diet Drop adheres to strict diet phases for guaranteed results, unlike most HCG drops. Being a homeopathic HCG drop that requires no heavy routine exercise, its administration is convenient and easily, compared to HCG injections and HCG concentrates (prescriptive HCG drops). BioSource demonstrates its confidence in its product by offering a 30-day money-back guarantee.

How does Complex Diet Drop work?

The major aim of Complex Diet Drop with the diet guideline protocol, is to simply trigger the conversion of calories stored as fats into energy.

A section of your brain, called the hypothalamus, is responsible for the level of automated function of your bodies such as the heartbeat, sleep, breathing, and digestion. It also controls major tasks involving storage and use of fuel in the body. The Complex Diet Drop achieves this by stimulating the thyroid gland in the hypothalamus. This triggers the release of stored up adipocytes into your circulatory system for conversion to energy.

During pregnancy, hCG stimulates the hypothalamus for the conversion to produce nourishment for both mother and child. However, for other individuals, the effect of HCG is maximized by the combined use of Complex Diet Drop and a low-level calorie diet plan to obtain a natural weight loss. The diet helps alter your body’s metabolism process and channel its energy source to fat stored around your body (thighs, arms, waist, etc.).

During the diet plan, your body goes on a riot to scout for more energy source and looks to use the muscles to meet its energy needs. But Complex Diet Drop helps avert this imbalance. With this, your hormone production becomes regulated and crave for food occurs less often than usual.

Active ingredients in Complex Diet Drop

Complex Diet Drop is a blend of over 13 natural ingredients, medically validated to contribute to the natural stimulation of hormone production that will trigger weight loss. BioSource Lab has coupled the blend to induce your endogenous hormone production. Rather than relying on external hormone injection of ingestion from anonymous sources.

The administration of the collective ingredients in Complex Diet Drop helps trigger the safe mobilization of deep stubborn fat. This is compared to pharmaceutical hCG which exposes you to the risk of external home overdose.

Based on the roles of the constituents in Complex Diet Drop, some include;

  • Protein building blocks: Eleutherococcus root extract, L-Glutamine, L-Tyrosine, L-Arginine, Beta-Alanine, L-Tryptophan, L-Ornithine,
  • Antioxidants: Green Tea extract
  • High cholesterol depletion
  • Body immune boosters: Astragalus membranaceous root extract
  • Energy booster: Maca root extract
  • Anti-allergic: Monoammonium Glycyrrhizinate
  • Antidepressants: Panax Ginseng extract
  • Weight loss supplements: Raspberry ketones, Capsicum Annum extract
  • Neurotransmitter: GABA
  • Nutritional supplements: Chromium Picolinate, Fucoxanthin extract
  • Antibacterial agent: Grapefruit seed extract

With the ingredients listed above, it is undoubtedly positive that the ingredients all work to increase your metabolism. Also, since they do not have any adverse side effects that can put your health at risk, their safety level should be 99.9 percent.

Effects of Complex Diet Drop-in relation to the body

On the norm, decreased muscle mass is a negative effect of weight loss. This is because your body goes on a survival mode during the HCG diet, it reduces the number of calories burnt for energy conservation.

However, Complex Diet Drop averts this by increasing the production of other hormones such as testosterone and estrogen in men and women respectively. This stimulation enables fat burn without any effect or damage on your muscle mass.

Aside from protecting the muscle mass, low-calorie intake induces the production of pseudo-fatty cell releasers. These are hormones produced to imitate the hypothalamus e.g Ketones. This enables the loss of weight without undergoing a drastic unhealthy fat burn.

Side effects of Complex Diet Drops

There are no adverse side effects of Complex Diet Drop in a record, and it safely recommended for both obese and overweight individuals. Any negative effect recorded might not be more than a headache, constipation, or fatigue. This is assumed to be due to a strict diet beyond the recommended low-level calorie intake, which leaves unpleasant results.

How to take Complex Diet Drop

Begin by getting accustomed to the 500/800/1200 protocol guide on the HCG diet. The duration of the diet could be 14 to 90 days. Before commencing, it is presumed that your physician has been consulted on your intake of homeopathic HCG drops.

The HCG supplement should be taken three times daily to get the hormone into your system. For the first two days of your chosen diet period, you are free to consume foods high in sugar and starch content. However, on the third day, you should work with your protocol guide and refrain from starch or sugar-filled foods.

After the completion of your diet on its last day, cease administering the Complex Diet Drop and avoid starch or sugar-food. You can add up starch and sugar into your daily diets starting from three weeks after your HCG diet period.

Complex Diet Drop Dosage

The recommended dosage for Complex Diet Drop daily, is a total of 30 drops daily. This can be taken at a rate of 10 drops at three intervals daily, or 15 drops at two drops daily. However is convenient, your physician should be informed on your dosage and use of the HCG drop.

Cost & Special offers

With a free shipping fee, and free bottle(s) equal in number to the amount of Complex Diet Drop bottles purchased, you are left surprised at BioSource marketing confidence. With every purchase goes a 500, 800 and 1200 Cal protocol guidelines, great shelf life and free access to diet tools. The lowest offer of Complex Diet Drop goes for $ 69.95 for a bottle of Complex Diet Drops, with an extra.